Dewey Beach

The Rehoboth / Dewey resort area provides a variety of accommodations from cozy bed and breakfasts to many fine hotels. Other options include condominiums, apartments, cottages, homes and retreat houses. Resort eateries and restaurants offer a wide array of specialities from the catch of the day to French cuisine. Area shopping ranges from factory outlets to unique and artistic specialty shops.

Top Events and Attractions

Dewey Beach:

Greyhounds Reach the Beach & Golden Jubilees: Delaware loves dogs! We love 'em every day, but there are some special events focused specifically on our four legged friends too. Check them out! Greyhounds reach the beach in October, Goldens meet twice a year in Spring and Fall.

Running of the Bull - Every June people of various states of mind, from the brave to the weird to the just plain drunk, gather at The Starboard in Dewey Beach, Delaware, to run with the Bull. Dressed in the traditional Pamplona white clothing and red bandanas (and the less traditional bikini tops, kilts, clown wigs, and whatever they feel like), the bull runners meet at the Starboard in the early morning hours (which run from 11 AM to 1:30 PM in Dewey) on the appointed day, where they enjoy beverages, loud music, and general pre-run festivities (like the meeting and greeting of the Bull, but mostly just beverages and loud music). At 2 PM, the Run officially begins.

Zap Amateur World Skimboarding Championships & Summer Vibes Fest - A multi-day festival each August highlighting the Southern Delaware beach culture and summer spirit through Skimboarding, Skateboarding, Stand Up Paddle, Music, and Art!

Delaware Seashore State Park - Six miles of ocean and bay shoreline. Water, water everywhere describes Delaware Seashore State Park. Bounded on the east by the mighty Atlantic Ocean, and on the west by Rehoboth Bay and Indian River Bay, the 2825-acre park is a beach-goer's delight.


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