Sippin' With Sloths at Nassau Valley Vineyards

May 4, 2021 • 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

At Barn Hill Preserve of Delaware we strive to educate the public about animals and nature!

Sippin' with Sloths allows us to follow safety guidelines while also educating the 21-and-over crowd about our terrific two-toed sloth animal ambassadors!

Each Sippin' with Sloths event is held at a small, local winery in the Eastern Shore of Delaware and Maryland!

Tickets are sold by table size and include: a beverage for each seat, a private sloth encounter for your group, a 4x6 glossy print of your encounter, and the opportunity to hand-feed a sloth! Tables are limited so that we can appropriately social distance based on the space of each venue.


Sippin' With Sloths at Nassau Valley Vineyards