Assawoman Wildlife Area

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One of the best kept secrets along the Delaware-Maryland Coast. The preserve was created from nine farms, ranging in size from 30 to 325 acres. All were lost during the Great Depression and purchased by the U.S. Forest Service. Assawoman has been managed as a wildlife area since 1943. Most recently purchased was the Hickman Tract in 1989.  This tract contains a rare plant site and is home to the protected Delmarva fox squirrel.  The area contains 3 parts:  Miller Neck (1,335 acres), Muddy Neck (284 acres) and The Beach (76 acres). The Assawoman Wildlife Area is managed for migrating and wintering waterfowl, white-tailed deer and bobwhite quail. Also protected are the Canada Goose, black and mallard ducks, amphibians and reptiles.

Recent Reviews

Assawoman Wildlife Area
lisa lunny : 4 on 5/26/2023 2:43 am
Quiet area off the beaten path. Information area had a map of auto tour, but there were no paper maps of the stops to describe them. First pull off is actually for deer hunters during hunting season, so it seems one part is the refuge area and part is for hunters. High observation tower gives nice views of surroundings. Fishing pier at Mulberry landing for crabbing or fishing. Large, covered pavilion as well as a single picnic table at edge of water. Peaceful and tranquil spot to bird watch. Large variety of water birds as well as forest ones. There is a memorial pond with parking by it. Overall, a serene place (off hunting season) to walk/ drive.
4 5
Assawoman Wildlife Area
Kimberly Sprout : 4 on 4/25/2024 11:06 pm
I live near Trap Pond State park. This wildlife area is a lot less developed in comparison. However, the birds that live here are amazing. You can hear all the different calls & singing upon arrival. Looks like a great place for hunters with deer stands and check in station. Has boat ramps. I just wanted a new place to explore with my dog Mikki and it didn't disappoint 🙂
4 5
Assawoman Wildlife Area
Krystal Petitto : 5 on 9/19/2018 4:25 am
Loved it here. Beautiful place. Quiet, very clean, remote, family friendly, pet friendly. My daughter loved climbing the tower and being able to see miles of this park! The only comment we had about the water were how many jelly fish there were. Literally loaded! So be careful if you plan on being in the water.
5 5
Assawoman Wildlife Area