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Baja Bob's
Kyle Witman : 3 on 6/30/2024 12:31 pm
$$. Recommended for those looking for quick bite off the beach. Review is based off the businesses 3rd day of operation. A sister location to Above the Dunes (which is literally right above Baja Bobs) Baja Bobs reminds you of being at a Chipotle (but with views of the beach). The menu is limited but what you could find at Chipotle (with the exception of mahi mahi and shrimp protein options) you can find here.

At opening the business was somehow out of Mahi Mahi? While the food was cooked to expectation, I expected so much more flavor than what I was provided. I have to admit with the focus on tacos the tacos and flavor were much better at Above the Dunes (which has great tacos by the way). A shout out to our server Delaney who was a delight in being honest and attentive to our needs.

Tip for the business, being candid it was hard to not compare Baja Bobs as a generic copy and paste to Chipotles brand. While the colors and ordering style was different (sit down vs Subway style) the menu offerings and industrial style aesthetic were the exact same. My question is are you trying to be a copy and paste or are you trying to be more local? What I would recommend to attract the tourist crowd while maintaining the local crowd is to start by adding more flavor into each dish (feedback I have already provided to our waitress). Start by flavoring at the ingredient level (ie Chipotle creates a cilantro lime rice) and then review at the all in for sauces or dressings. Chipotle can not market and switch up their menu items at the local level (an opportunity that you have the ability to do). Second for local difference start by creating new menu items like maybe a Delaware crab bowl with old bay for instance. ALSO CAN I GET A QUESADILLA?????

I view Baja Bobs as a restaurant that has a lot of potential and could do extremely well in the market being their 3 day of business I and will be revisiting in 2 months and updating my review.
3 5
Baja Bob's
Ned Redmond : 3 on 6/27/2024 4:25 pm
The service was friendly but they got our order wrong consistently-- queso instead of guac, chicken instead of shrimp. They corrected it pretty quickly, though.

However, for "Mexican-inspired" fare, there is a shocking lack of seasoning. The rice is wet and flavorless, maybe overcooked. The black beans are straight from a can, no hint of cumin or other typical seasoning.

Expensive for the amount of food received.
3 5
Baja Bob's
Kristin Bednarek : 5 on 6/27/2024 6:57 pm
Great lunch! We went on their opening day and love it. Great food, quick wait, and wonderful staff. We will be coming again!
5 5
Baja Bob's