The Ice Cream Store

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Sweets and Ice Cream

Recent Reviews

The Ice Cream Store
Joann S. : 5 on 9/28/2023 3:16 am
Many flavors to choose from. Tonight (Wednesday), we got a Medium cereal killer (your pick of cereal on top of ice cream with fruity pebbles on key lime pie ice cream, and a Small Green Mint Chip w/ cookie dough and Oreo. Both were delicious and approved by hubby, myself, and our 17 month old. Total came up just shy of $14, reasonable for boardwalk prices. Highly recommended when you’re in the area.
5 5
The Ice Cream Store
Jason Persaud : 5 on 8/13/2023 12:00 am
Great ice cream right off of the boardwalk on the main street.

Lots of interesting (and creatively-named) ice cream options. Tons to choose from...indeed something for everyone.

Line can get a bit long during peak prepared to wait a few minutes during those times.
5 5
The Ice Cream Store
Jen Reynolds : 5 on 9/6/2023 12:24 am
We came for the vegan options and they were AMAZING. We had the acai and the caramel fudge swirl. It was so nice to eat "ice-cream on the boardwalk".....being dairyfree, this is the first place that catered to us!
5 5
The Ice Cream Store